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We are a high-energy organization dedicated to maximizing sales through, service, communication, innovation, and integrity. Our goal is to develop a long-term partnership between retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives with sales marketing & category management, hard work and persistence that delivers results.


Integrity is our most important asset. Retailers and manufacturers alike must believe in our market knowledge, product knowledge, and recommendations. Who you know can get you in the door. What you know will keep you there.

Sales and Marketing:

Our Sales team is comprised of over 20 hardworking, aggressive, personable and intelligent people who take pride in having a thorough understanding of your products and retailer needs. We have experience in a wide variety of categories and work with a select number of manufacturers. Our team works closely with each vendor or factory to assess their needs and create strategic plans to figure out exactly how we can work together to achieve goals and continue to grow business.

Merchandise forecasting and planning:

Our team collaborates on forecasting and planning your product to ensure the correct inventory is available and in stock at stores. We have worked with an outside resource to develop intricate tools to help us take a deep dive into sales and analyze these important details. These tools help visualize trends in the business categories so we can get production planned, booked, and shipped out complete and on time. Having this proactive approach leads to stocked shelves and sales success.

Product Management:

We optimize the potential of selling your items into retail by utilizing our skills and knowledge throughout the life cycle of the product. Our team of Project Managers are in control and take your product from start to finish to ensure execution is at its highest potential. We are experts and ensure all details of the product lifecycle are buttoned up and taken care of for you.


Our Sales Coordinators partner with your team to take care of the front and back end logistics for your company. They work closely with the Sales, Marketing and Project Managers to get all the details accurate and properly set up, maintained, and submitted to the proper system. They are the keeper of orders and processing to ensure PO’s are received on time and shipped complete.


Maximum Sales is a successful and highly productive selling organization with over 40 years of sales experience servicing retailers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Home to Target, Best Buy, Kohl's and Menards, just to name a few.


In collaboration with our strategic vendor partners, we have received numerous “vendor of the year” awards from Target, Best Buy, Menards and others which are testament to the fact that retailers like us. We attribute it to the fact that we know how to build success through sales of your products. Couple that with our tough-minded midwestern work ethic, and high level of enthusiasm and professionalism, you'll find no one else better suited to maximize your sales, profits and success.

  • 1985

    The Beginning

    We began in Minnetonka, MN with Tony Chihak and Mike Jurewicz forming the organization to growth year by year with vendors, retailers, and personnel to become an established rep group in Minnesota!

  • 1992

    Tim Hahn joins the business

    We were excited to welcome Tim Hahn into our company as an established executive. Tim was formerly with SmithKline Beechem and Norelco, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into our group.

  • 1994

    Then There Were Three

    Tony, Mike and Tim all became equal owners in 1994. Each had their own businesses and each was continuing to grow bigger and bigger. During this time we added additional employees and expanded space too.

  • 1997

    Maximum Sales!

    Tony and Tim buy out Mike and officially become business partners and form Maximum Sales. Tony and Tim have the perfect balance of Yin and Yang. They worked together to maximize their strengths and grow the team even bigger! They focused the company to be an expert in the Midwest, with a strong emphasis on Target, Menards, Kohls and other specialty stores.

  • 2006

    Bye, Bye Circle Drive

    Maximum Sales moved offices from Circle Drive, Minnetonka to Minneapolis. They opened an office on the skyway level in the Medical Arts building, a stone’s throw from Target Headquarters.

  • 2010

    Growth Continues

    Maximum Sales continues to grow and we add a sample room to accommodate our expanding business.

  • 2011

    Menards Importance Grows

    To capitalize on our growing relationship with Menards, a new office and warehouse are opened in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where Menards is headquartered.

  • 2014

    Maximum Sales – Onward and Upward!

    As the business continued to evolve so did Maximum Sales. Additional office space was a necessity to support sales growth, system enhancements as well as a growing team!

  • Today

    Our team of over 20 team members working with over 50 vendors which forms Maximum Sales.

  • Future

    For a successful future, we have a strategic leadership team overseeing our vision to drive sales, enhance businesses and grow our team to be the best rep group in Minneapolis, not the biggest.

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Our Amazing Team

Our team is filled with experts that have the experience and connections to form lasting relationships between retailers and manufacturers.

Tony Chihak


Tony has over 30 years' experience as a Manufacturer's Rep. Over the years, he has been recognized for his accomplishments with numerous "Vendor of the Year" awards from Target. As he often says, "We do not want to be the biggest Rep Company out there - just the best." To that end, Tony and the entire Maximum Sales organization is committed to conducting business with nothing less than the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.Tony enjoys spending time with family and friends at his Wisconsin cabin, pheasant hunting in North Dakota and motorcycling around the country. Read More. »

Bernice Anderson

Sales Coordinator

As a Reimbursement Representative for a medical supply company, Bernice gained a healthy understanding of tracking incoming and outgoing service orders, and maintaining accurate and complete records. Skills she now brings to bear as one of our valued Sales Coordinators. Bernice is a certified firearms safety instructor. Needless to say, no one messes with Bernice. Bernice works closely with Tony Chihak Read More... »

Chani Anderson

Sales Coordinator

As a Sales Coordinator, Chani helps with item maintenance, tracking purchase orders, maintaining databases, and providing much needed information for our retailers and manufacturers. Chani is an avid outdoorswoman in which she enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking and camping throughout the year. Also known as a "Rock Hound" Chani loves to search for rocks anywhere she goes, collecting agates, cherts, quartz and basically any cool rock she can get her hands on. Read More... »

Niki Bahl

Project Manager

Niki helps create forecasts for vendors, using mathematical equations to predict how much product is needed to support sales at various retailers. She also helps in developing POS reporting techniques and assists in negotiation events. Niki won 3 National Championships as part of the University of Minnesota Dance team, and has sung the National Anthem at several Gopher Basketball games. She is pretty much a lock to win the company's Talent Night competition every year. Read More... »

Heather Brockel

Sales Coordinator/Project Manager

Heather operates the Maximum Sales Eau Claire office and works primarily between our vendors and Menards to assist with review preparation, new item set-up, purchase order placement, and order tracking. She brings a few years of experience in sales support and a degree in Business Administration from Ashford University. When she's not at the office, you can find Heather out looking for tupperware in the woods (geocaching) or out on the flat-track. Heather also has an alter-ego- Heathen Lizzy, #138- a skater for her local roller derby team. Elbowing is legal between 8 and 5! Heather works closely with Mark Tucker and Mike Griffore. Read More... »

Steve Burkett

Director of Sales

Steve graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Business Communications. While at St. Thomas, Steve did some interning with Maximum Sales and after graduation went to work for a small office supply company as a Business Development Manager.Steve recently joined Maximum Sales as a Category Manager and would one day like to be a successful sales rep like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather.After a busy week of forecasting sales and analyzing inventories, Steve likes to relax by hanging out with friends and watching games together. Read More... »

Laura Christianson

Chief Finacial Officer

As CFO, every bill, invoice, and check that goes through Maximum Sales goes through Laura first. She is responsible for all financial reporting, including but not limited to accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, payroll, and commissions. With over 20 years of experience working with sales reps, mostly here at Maximum Sales, she also assists Tony with human resources and day to day business operations. When she's not crunching the numbers, she enjoys making memories with her family through travel, food, music, and fun. You can mostly find her behind the camera and then preserving the memories for her kids. Read More... »

Bart Coplen

Inventory Manager

Bart attended Mpls. Community Tech College and received an Associate's degree in Business Management. Currently he is attending Hennepin Technical College part-time to secure a degree in Tool Technology. Bart loves to fish and play basketball while coaching little League basketball and football. A lot of people have forgot "The True Value of Life" is simply being happy Read More... »

Cindy Dunsmore

Sales Coordinator

As a Sales Coordinator, Cindy helps with item maintenance, tracking purchase orders, maintaining databases, and providing much needed information for our retailers and manufacturers. When not at work, Cindy can be found walking, biking, fishing or in the kitchen, where she is known for making Chinese egg rolls that would put celebrated chef and restauranteur Ming Tsai to shame. Cindy works closely with Niki Bahl, Tony Chihak and Mark Tucker Read More... »

Mike Griffore

Director of Sales

Mike brings a ton of sales management experience and a slew of recognition and sales awards with him to Maximum Sales. Wherever he goes, increased sales seem to follow. With 25 years experience calling on Midwest based accounts Mike can surely get the job done. If one doubts Mike's exceptional powers of persuasion, one need only consider his greatest sale of all: Convincing his wife who was raised in south Florida to move to what Mike calls, "The frozen tundra of Minnesota" and getting her to stay. 26 years later she still lives in Minnesota." Accounts: Menards, Target, United Hardware, Northern Tool & Equipment Read More... »

Ben Hahn

Project Manager

Ben is the son of Co-Founder of Maximum Sales Tim Hahn. Following in his father's footsteps he looks to exceed all expectations and make his father proud. Although young, Ben brings experience from retail banking sales to medical device sales. He expresses an optimistic attitude to continue to grow independent accounts across the Midwest. After a busy week on the road or in the office, Ben likes to relax with his family aboard the "Hahn-A-Lulu" in the spring and summer. While during the fall and winter months he enjoys cheering for the Minnesota Golden Gopher Football and Basketball teams "Rah!" Read More... »

Heather Heinen

Director of Sales

Since coming to Maximum Sales almost twenty years ago, Heather's sales and customer service experience, not to mention her enthusiastic personality, and ability to communicate effectively, has allowed her to ride a wave of success winning a number Rep of the Year awards over the years. Speaking of waves, Heather's coolest trip ever was sailing the Greek Isles in 2008 on a 59' sailboat with her father as the Captain and the rest of her family as crew. According to Heather, it was "terrifying, amazing, extreme, fun and beautiful all at the same time." Accounts:, Bluestem Brands Read More... »

Chris Jackson

Director of Sales

Chris (also known as CJ) is our newest addition to the Maximum Sales team. She comes to us from Target Corporation with 24+ years of experience in Merchandising and Sourcing. Chris has experience in Apparel, Domestics, Decorative Home, Stationery, and Shoes. Anyone that knows her would say she is a hard charging, dedicated sales driver that is great with people and collaborating with anyone! When Chris isn't working she can be found with her husband Rick at one of her kid's sporting events, spending time as a family or out with friends. She has three kids which takes her to hockey, football, lacrosse and soccer games! Chris also loves to shop, travel, cook (award winning Chili & Italian!), and walk her giant dog, Andrew Jackson. Read More... »

Marlene Johnson

Sales Coordinator/Project Manager

Marlene has a lifetime of retail experience ranging from sales, multiple management positions, to owning a retail store. In addition, she designs and creates her own items to sell. (Can't find these on pintrest) All of this experience comes in handy working with customers and vendors. Everyone needs a problem solver! In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the cabin with family! Marlene supports Todd Johnson and Ben Hahn. Read More... »

Todd Johnson

Director of Sales

Todd has been in sales since he was 7 years old. His Mother received a call from a neighbor asking, "Do you know Todd is selling things out of a box, door to door?" Creepy Crawlers were Hot sellers!! That love of sales evolved to owning a retail store, to being a factory rep, to owning a showroom, and finally to spending the last 17 years with Maximum Sales as a Manufacturers Rep. "Nothing has really changed though, there is still nothing more satisfying than a happy customer." In his free time, Todd can be found building a cabin, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his ever expanding family. Accounts: Kohl's, Shopko, Mills Fleet Farm Read More... »

Al Phillips

Director of Sales

Al began his career as a Manufacturers Representative more than 25 years ago, calling on a wide range of accounts, and across many trade classifications. He has held sales positions at various companies, including Sandoz Nutrition, where he was awarded a trip to Paris, France for being one of the top salesmen. From a young age, Al claims to have always been able to throw baseballs, footballs, beanbags and bottle caps extremely accurately. Which might explain why he's the only one to come back from a night at the carnival with giant stuffed animals. Accounts: Blain Supply, Orscheln Atwood's Runnings, Bomgaars, Rural, King Big R, Mid-States Distributing, Lewis Drug Read More »

Jen Ruud

Sales Coordinator/Project Manager

Jen brings a history of customer service experience to Maximum Sales, where she analyzes each week's sales, instocks, and orders to ensure all our vendors are at their maximum sales potential. And always happy, of course. She also works to get new items set up and maintains current items to ensure ultimate sales exposure for each retailer. Among Jen's loves are spending time with her family, gardening and cooking. When she's not busy with her 3 kids and all their activities, Jen can be found spending her free time camping or at their family lake home. Jen works closely with Heather Heinen Read More... »

Becky Talbot

Project Manager

As a Category Manager, Becky works closely with retailers and manufacturers managing items working on sales forecasts and analysis, and anything else that she can do to help. When she is not hard at work, and when weather permits, Becky enjoys bicycling around the many beautiful pathways in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Also, a self-proclaimed "geek", she enjoys all that is Sci-Fi, especially movies and books. Read More... »

Mark Tucker

Director of Sales

From managing two of the highest volume Kmart store locations in the region to being named National Account Manager for Lexmark International and then later Power Sentry, a division of Fiskars Brands, Mark brings 20+ years of award winning retail merchandising, operations and account management experience to Maximum Sales. To say Mark comes from the school of hard knocks is an understatement, as his all to brief career as a bull rider (okay, once in a rodeo) goes to show. Accounts: Target and Menards Read More... »

Nic Vanyo

Project Manager

Nic Vanyo graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato with a bachelor’s degree in Management and an emphasis in Marketing. He is a project leader at the Minneapolis office. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his friends, family, and fiancé. He likes to travel and play video games, but also enjoys a relaxing night in with movies and popcorn. Read More... »

Kevin Weiner

Director of Sales

Kevin came to Maximum Sales with almost 18 years of sales and management experience ranging from retail store management in his younger years, to territory sales and account management in business to business, to regional, national, and executive sales and marketing management in the consumer electronics, 2-Step distribution, and dot com channels. He attributes his continued success to the relationships he has built over the years through hard work, follow-through, tenacity, and a real passion for getting things done and getting them done right. Kevin also comes to us with multiple orthopedic surgeries of one sort or another and is probably thinking about acquiring another. After all, if you're going to work hard, it only makes sense to find the time to play just as hard. In fact, you just may see him on the ski slopes, a mountain biking trail, or simply playing hard with his two children in the backyard... Read More... »

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